All prices reflect quantities of 36 unless otherwise noted.
Any quantity larger than 36 may be ordered.

Crab with Dill on Cayenne Toasts $54.00
jumbo lump crab mixture on a spicy toast point topped with dill

Petit Fresh Salmon Cakes with Tarragon Dipping Sauce $54.00

Petit Tuscan Chicken Cakes with Red Bell Pepper Sauce $45.00

Smoked Salmon & Sliced Cucumber on Mini Cheddar & Scallion Scones $36.00

Prosciutto wrapped Melon Balls $36.00

Tomato Bruschetta $36.00
toasted bread, rubbed with garlic and topped with plum tomatoes, basil and
olive oil. Seasonal for best flavor.

Lemon Chicken and Snow Peas Skewers $36.00
delicious breaded sautéed lemon chicken skewered with a crunchy blanched
snow pea

Shrimp, Cucumber and Dill Canapés $45.00
toasted bread topped with shallot butter, a thin cucumber slice, poached shrimp
& a dill sprig - 36 pieces

Shrimp & Spicy Mango Curry in Mini Won-Ton Cups $36.00

Crab, Avocado & Mango in Mini Won-Ton Cups $36.00
crisp potato stars topped with caviar dip and minced chives

Crostini Variety $45.00
crispy baguette slices topped with grilled balsamic beef tenderloin & roasted
peppers, cannellini bean spread & spinach, & olive tapenade

Ceviche $65.00
very fresh scallops, shrimp and whitefish "cooked" with lime juice and blended
with fresh parsley and red onion. Served in a mini martini glass or as a platter.

Passionfruit Glaze Shrimp Skewers $45.00
shrimp, kiwi and orange with a sweet passionfruit glaze

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