All items plattered for buffet service. Serves 25 unless otherwise noted

Gourmet Sandwich Selection $69.00
10 overstuffed baked ham, roasted turkey breast, roast beef & grilled sweet
potato, eggplant & portabella on crusty breads with lettuce and tomato, cut into
20 pieces.

Mini Cheddar & Scallion Scone Sandwiches $45.00
with Smoked Ham, Honey Mustard Sauce & Greenleaf Lettuce - 36 pieces

Fresh Fruit Platter $55.00
variety of seasonal fruits, sliced, artfully displayed and garnished - serves 25

Finger Sandwich Variety $75.00
bite sized in pimento cheese, curried chicken, goat cheese & chive, egg salad,
maple bacon and sun dried tomato. 100 pieces

Roasted Eggplant Dip with Toasted Pita Chips - serves 25 $30.00

Imported Cheese Platter $65.00
fine cheeses served with crackers & grapes - serves 25

Domestic Cheese Selections $55.00
domestic cheeses with fine crackers & grapes - serves 25

Asparagus & Lemon Tarragon Dip $59.00
blanched asparagus, yellow bell peppers & grape tomatoes with dip for 25

Fresh Mozzarella, Cucumber & Roasted Red Pepper Bruschetta $36.00
mixed & ready to spoon onto toasted slices of baguette - serves 25

Mini Quiche Assortment $54.00
4" mini quiches cut in half and filled with a variety of savory ingredients - 36

Quiche Assortment $45.00
3-9" quiches, bacon, olive and cheddar, sun dried tomato and spinach, &

Vegetable & Dip Platter $55.00
colorful assortment of 8 varieties of fresh cut vegetables with dip, a treat for the
eyes and taste buds

Antipasto $85.00
a variety of cured meats, marinated vegetables, olives, cheese and grapes

Autumn Antipasto $85.00
a mixture of smoked cheese, cured meats, dates, apricots & spiced almonds

Chicken Salad $49.00
with walnuts, red grapes and red onion, over greens with pita toasts -
serves 20

Curried Chicken Salad $49.00
lightly curried chicken salad with mango & oranges served over greens with
pita toasts - serves 20

Shrimp Cocktail Platter $25.00
poached with bay leaves & lemon, chilled, with cocktail sauce - 25 pieces per lb.

Corn, Black Bean and Tomato Salsa $26.00
served with stone ground tortilla chips - serves 25

Cheese Strata $55.00
3 layers of goat cheese, flavored with roasted garlic, basil pesto and sun dried
tomatoes. Served with crackers and grapes - serves 30

Deviled Eggs - 36 pieces $27.00

Dressed Up Deviled Eggs $36.00
with bacon & thyme, kalamata olives, bell pepper, gherkin pickle - 36 pieces

Vegetable Torte $36.00
layers of mushroom, eggplant, peppers, potatoes and smoked gouda wrapped
in puff pastry & baked golden brown

Whole Poached Salmon $128.00
beautiful wine-poached salmon with sour cream sauce, sliced cucumber "scales"
& caviar accents. Served with crackers - serves 75

Giant 3' Sub Sandwich Platters $42.00
turkey breast, roast beef, italian cold cut & vegetarian

Spinach Dip $29.00
tangy sour cream based, served in a hollowed out round pumpernickel loaf.
Served with torn pieces of bread and crackers

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